First English centre was founded in 1985. We have always relied on the usage of more advanced strategies and methods. One of them is the introduction of the NLP: Neuro-Linguistic programming.

The NLP is based on the multiple intelligences: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, among others. Each individual tends to use one channel more than the others. Our goal, especially with younger groups, is to find out which one is used more often and to develop the others in order to be more efficient in the learning process. We encourage a feedback approach rather than an error one. An error approach highlights what has been done wrong while from a feedback point of view our students learn from their mistakes in order not to make them again: they learn more efficiently from wrong answers than from right ones. We try to teach them a successful strategy for carrying out a task, a skill.

As far as technology is concerned, we are pioneers in the introduction of computers as an educational resource and motivator tool. At the same time we are aware that the best learning tool is a good teacher with a good planning and a motivated student. If parents are also involved, and committed in the learning process of their children, success is at everyone’s reach. Proof of this is the high percentage of students who successfully pass the Cambridge University exams every year, more than 95% over the past 10 years.