Level Test

Choose the best answer. clicking in box.
If you do not know the answer, leave it blank.


I ________________ from Spain.

This is my friend. _____________ name is John.

Tony is ______________.

My dad is ______________ artist.

_______________ 20 computers in the classroom.

Paul ________________ romantic novels.

Sorry, I can’t talk. I _____________ right now.

She _________________ at school last Monday.

I _________________ the film last weekend.

__________________ a cupcake? No, thank you.

The bedroom is ___________________ than the bathroom.

Our car is very old. We’re going ____________________ a new one soon.

Ana is a vegetarian. She ____________________ meat.

There aren’t ________________ people left in the class.

The cafe is _________________ to the bank.

Sue ________________ shopping every weekend.

They _________________dinner when the phone rang.

________________ been to Paris before?

We’ve been best friends ____________________ we were at school.

You _________________ pay for the drink. It’s free.

Jeff was ill last month and he _________________ go out.

This is the suitcase ________________ I took on holiday.

We’ll stay at your place if it _______________ tonight.

He doesn’t play now, but he __________________ a lot when he was young.

Mark plays tennis ___________________ everyone in his class.

I promise I __________________ you as soon as I’ve finished my homework.

This town ___________________ by lots of tourists during the winter.

He said that his coach ____________ to speak to him after they lost the match.

How about _________________ to the theatre tonight?

Excuse me, can you ___________________ me the way to the cathedral, please?

I wasn’t interested in the speech very much. ________________.

Take a hat, _______________ you’ll get very cold outside.

__________________ this great series and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

What I like more than anything else ___________________ with my friends.

She ________________ for her dog for three hours when she finally found it in the garden.

We won’t catch the train _________________ we leave now! Please hurry up

If I hadn’t replied to your text, I___________________ here with you.

Do you think you ___________________ using my phone soon? I need to make a call.

I don’t remember suggesting __________________ lunch together today.

Was it Christopher Columbus______________ America?