First English Centre Placement Test

_____ name is Frank.

They _____ from Germany.

_____ are you from?

What do you do? I’m _____ teacher.

Peter _____ at nine o’clock

_____ you like this CD?

We _____ live in a house.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, _____

_____ he play football?

Have you _____ a computer?

We don’t have _____ milk.

_____ some bread here.

We _____ got a garage.

Those jeans are very _____ .

Have you got a pencil? Yes, I _____ .

It is a busy, _____ town.

They _____ at home last weekend.

I _____ there for a long time.

He doesn’t _____ glasses.

The indian restaurant was _____ busy.

Do you like the blue _____ ?

He _____ to France on business.

Yesterday was the _____ of July.

She’s got _____ hair.

I _____ play basketball at the weekend.

I _____ in a sofa at the moment.

My sister is younger _____ me.

Their house is _____ coolest on the street.

It’s the _____ interesting of his books.

The phone’s ringing: _____ answer it.

Do you _____ pop or rock music?

He has _____ dinner.

The _____ have been there before.

I’ve never met a famous person_____ .

_____ is very good exercise for your body.

Have you _____ been to Asia?

I can’t _____ other languages.

They _____ pay for the tickets to the concert.

_____ old is their cat?

Are you _____ for one or two days?

Stephen _____ to visit his grandparents.

I don’t _____ getting up early at weekends.

We _____ like to see the beach.

They _____ ever check their mail.

They won’t come tonight, _____ they?

He _____ know how to spell his surname.

Carla _____ the tv all morning.

They _____ come to the theatre with us.

I like this poster. _____ do I.

We _____ them at ten o’clock.

They are going _____ in Japan next summer.

This is the theatre _____ we saw the play.

Have you ever _____ in a rock band?

I’m _____ when I’m with my friends.

This is _____ than I expected.

Can you tell me the way _____ ?

Do you know what _____ ?